Mediation is a confidential process designed to give disputants an arena in which to productively discuss the issues.  As a trained mediator, Diane Sherwood will effectively guide you to an acceptable resolution.  She has mediated over 1000 cases in 20 years and has documented agreements in upwards of 90% of her cases.

In Sedgwick County, Kansas, a process has been developed called Limited Case Management (LCM).  This process has overshadowed pure mediation to some degree.  Attorneys prefer LCM at times because if the parties should come to an impasse in mediation, the Limited Case Manager is ordered by the Court to proceed with an investigation and recommend to the Court what ought to happen with the children.  Diane Sherwood has a 50 – 80% chance of getting the parents to agree in such cases.  With her background in psychology, social work, family dynamics and law, Diane Sherwood has been effective in helping families move forward after filing motions in Court.

In Kansas, the Legislature passed legislation that put a  process called Case Management in place.  Case Management is a long term process in which highly conflicted families are assigned to a case manager for the duration of the children’s minority or until the parents learn to co-parent without the assistance of the Case Manager.  Diane Sherwood was one of the first case managers after the statute was enacted and has managed over 100 families since 1996.