Diane Sherwood offers a many paths for dissolving your marriage.  You might choose the traditional litigated divorce, the cutting edge Collaborative Divorce, one party representation or even Limited Scope Representation.  The majority of people seeking divorce opt for the traditional divorce.  Diane Sherwood will help you file for divorce or represent you if your spouse has already filed against you.  In a Collaborative Divorce, the Parties and the Attorneys sign a contract to opt out of going to Court.  In essence, the Parties agree to find a way to divorce that is satisfactory to everyone.  This process is confidential and Court approved.  On occasion, when one party wants a divorce, the other party does not want to hire an attorney.  Diane Sherwood will gladly help the Parties divorce by representing one party and by treating the unrepresented party with the utmost respect.  Kansas also allows a way for Parties, who do not want to hire an attorney for the full divorce, to consult with  an attorney and proceed on their own.  This is called Limited Scope Representation and Diane Sherwood is happy to advise you on an as-needed basis.